Isifloating is the most high-quality, durable and cost effective floating solar system in the world.

Its unique and patented floating solar technology enables the covering of partial or entire water surfaces. It can be used to build floating solar power plants on top of multiple water environments: hydropower plants, irrigation reservoirs, natural lakes, water treatment facilities, quarry lakes, aquaculture farms, industrial water ponds and others

In addition to help fight climate change, the unique design of Isifloating is extremely efficient from a logistic, installation and maintenance point of view reducing the total cost of the solar installation


We strive for excellence and simplicity in our floating PV product with the objective of making easy for our clients to obtain the benefits of floating PV projects

Also, our system has TCO and LCOE very similar to ground mounted solar systems while guarantying the high technical specifications and efficiency of our product



  • Unique and bi-float design per solar panel using the best materials (Virgin Blue HDPE, UV and antioxidant additives)
  • Injection molding process provides durability and precision in manufacturing
  • Minimum thickness of 3mm in any part of the float and even higher in non UV exposed areas
  • Fast speed of manufacturing (1MW float output in only 5 full days)


  • For people who perform O&M with easy and secure walking access to all solar panels for cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • For your investment with real life experience of more than 10 years and use of high quality materials and specifications
  • Greater stability and buoyancy (240 kg/solar panel)
  • Minimum wind drag thanks to the aerodynamic design of only 5º tilt angle


  • To the different water levels as the floats rest above the embankments of the reservoirs when water goes down
  • Start small and then grow the plant in a flexible way
  • To reservoirs with small surface areas with a higher peak power by area (138 Wp/ m2)
  • To strong winds, high waves, and extreme temperature


  • In logistics and storage thanks to its nestable and stackable design (1MW only 7 – 40’ containers)
  • In installation as it has very few parts, no specialized personnel required, only basic IKEA-like tools
  • High speed of installation (1MW only takes 17 days per 4 person crew 1,5 kW/worker/hour)
  • In maintenance thank to its compact design and conventional use of personal and tools


We work very closely with our clients and partners to excel in the deployment of floating solar systems all over the world. We believe that focusing in delivering the best PV floating system while collaborating with several key types of stakeholders (EPC, engineering, developers, end clients) is the key to accelerate the impact of floating solar in the world


Optimization of the floating solar structure along with the anchoring to ensure efficient implementation by taking into account:

  • water reservoir factors
  • PV power plant factors

Anchoring & mooring design and engineering technical support


  • Floats for the PV modules
  • Floats + plastic gratings for walkways
  • Connections between floats (Plastic plates + PA screws)
  • PV panel fixing device (clip+screws)
  • Anchoring and mooring system


  • Offsite training course
  • Onsite training course
  • Onsite technical assistance and quality control of the installation